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Company Profile

IBS was incorporated in 1978. Recognizing the need for a strong, client-oriented data processing consulting firm in Madison, IBS began its expansion to support the local and regional marketplace in mid-1979. Today our client coverage is local, regional and national in scope, offering experience that ranges from understanding and support of general business issues to detailed technical knowledge of IBM hardware and software systems. We pride ourselves in providing quality consulting services, custom design and programming services and technical support for our clients.

     In the mid-1980’s, our mission expanded to include developing, marketing, distributing and supporting our own Application Software Packages for IBM midrange systems, the System/36 and AS/400. It has been the goal of IBS to provide Application Software Package development and distribution with the same high quality with which it has performed its consulting and service business since 1978. IBS currently specializes in the IBM AS/400 and our focus is on the IBM mid-range environment for consulting and software package development. We believe that this direction has allowed us to offer our clients and prospects the most "balanced" solution from the standpoint of reliability, service, support, performance, ease of development and ease of use.

     In order to facilitate development of our application software packages and be able to provide a high level of technical expertise to our clients, we have installed AS/400s. We continually upgrade and enhance our AS/400s to take advantage of current technology and to provide a vehicle for research and development of the newest features and techniques.

     All of IBS’ Systems are configured with communications and are linked to each other. All of our systems are also available for communication to our clients’ systems to provide an extremely responsive environment for client support.

     The principals of IBS have extensive information processing experience.

Kay M. Klein 

  • 1978 to present IBS
  • 1974 thru 1978 Independent Consulting
  • 1967 thru 1974 IBM Corporation

John C. Klein 

  • 1979 to present IBS
  • 1967 thru 1979 IBM Corporation

     While with IBM, Kay was a Systems Engineer working exclusively with small to medium sized accounts and with the range of equipment which is now represented by the IBM System/36, System/38 and Application System/400. In the role of Systems Engineer, Kay worked closely with those responsible for the data processing operations as well as the company’s owners/principals. During a portion of this time, packaged application software was not available to support the required business functions. Therefore, Kay learned the business requirements and became proficient in developing applications to support those business requirements.

     As an independent consultant, Kay continued to expand on the business knowledge gained as an IBM Systems Engineer and became a true business, as well as data processing consultant. In this role she provided consulting services and custom design and development to clients, as well as enhancement of third party IBM packages. 

     As a principal of IBS, Kay has performed many functions. She still provides consulting services as well as custom design and development for clients. However, a primary role has become the design and implementation of the IBS application software packages. She has drawn from the years of experience working in the business environment, as well as a special interest and talent in solving business problems using application software.

     While with IBM, John functioned as a Systems Engineer and Marketing Representative working with large systems (S/360, S370). In supporting the large systems marketplace, John became involved in large telecommunications systems as well as database systems on the S/370. John installed not only uni-processors but attached processors and multi-processors within the large systems marketplace.

     After joining IBS in 1979, John continued to market to and support the large systems marketplace, but later redirected his emphasis toward the small to medium sized business marketplace represented by the IBM AS/400.

     Because of the combination of experience and skills that the two principals bring to the IBS consulting and development business , some unique qualifications exist to combine the benefits of a mid-range business system such as the IBM AS/400 in a departmentalized or distributed approach with the power and capacity of a large mainframe as a host system.

     The IBS staff consists of marketing, development, technical and support resources. It is multi-disciplined team with substantial experience in the small to medium-sized systems environment.

Areas of hardware and software expertise include:


  • IBM AS/400
  • IBM and compatible Personal Computers
  • Remote Devices
  • Network Devices

System Software

  • OS/400
  • Query/400
  • Client Access
  • Windows
  • Advanced Function Printing
  • Domino/Lotus Notes
  • OfficeVision/400


  • RPG
  • C++
  • HTML

     The following comprehensive and flexible Application Software Packages are available as part of the Universal Business Solution by IBS:

  • IBS Integrated Financial Suite
  • General Ledger/Financial Management System
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll
  • Retail/Distribution Management
  • Order Entry/Invoicing
  • Inventory Control
  • G/L, A/P and A/R
  • SMARTrack (Engineering/Legal Time, Billing and Project Accounting System) 

     In general, we at IBS bring a broad background of business and data processing experience to the accounts with which we work. We pride ourselves in the level of client service and support that we provide and can offer as references virtually all clients on our client list.